Saturday, 9 April 2011

Save Fukushima: Mariko will donate to the earthquake victims in Japan

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for sending us many heartful letters to us with regards to the recent terrible earthquake happened in north Japan.

The whole earthquake things have been quite shocking to us. We realised that now it is time for all Japanese citizens to stand up and corporate each other to get through this hardship.

As our main shop of Mariko is located in south Japan (Kumamoto), it was not physically damaged by earthquake. However, the earthquake has been giving some negative impact on Japanese economy and tradings. Some of the antique fabrics we are selling might be difficult to stock in future.

Earthquakes are still having enormous impact on peoples' life in North Japan. We have been thinking of the victims and we would like to contribute to the community up there, wishing to help them to rebuild their life as soon as possible.

Patchwork Mariko decided to donate 5% of sales of AQC to the recent earthquake victims in north Japan through Japanese Red Cross.

Please come and visit our stand at AQC and we could pray for Japan together.

Thank you.

Patchwork Mariko Japan

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