Sunday, 10 April 2011

Meet Mariko: come to our Make and Take workshop!

Mariko is coming to Melbourne to run a make and take workshop at AQC 2011 all the way from Japan!
Mariko is very excited to meet you all and see you at the classroom.
Make and take Workshop: Japanese Traditional Wallet

AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention)
Time: 11:00 AM for 50 mins
Lecturers: Mariko Ikeda and Daisuke Ikeda, Patchwork Mariko, Japan
Kit Cost $20.
Book at Stand 129
Venue: Make and take room 1

We will teach you how to make this little Japanese wallet. This style used to be make-up pouch in traditional Japan.

The main focus for this class will be how to use the nifty spring clip

Booking is essential. Come to our stand 129 to secure your seats.

Due to the great popularity, we run out of the seats within 10-15mins last year.
Please be quick to avoid the disappointment.

Mariko is looking forward to seeing you all.


New bags: Mariko's new released bags: available at AQC!!

We all love something new, don't we?? Are you ready for our brand new bags coming along???

Kits and patterns for these bags will be available at AQC for the first time.
These will be available at Mariko's online shop after AQC.

No 1: Agari bag!!

"Agari" means "ascending" as in "ascending stairs".
Because this bag composes a lot of diagonal sewn strips, forming "ascending stairs"

You can make this bag from our antique silk pack.
We will have more colours to choose at AQC. Be quick though as these are limited resources.
Plus, it is very difficult to find pure antique Kimono silks in Japan!

Patterns and kits will be available at stand 129 at AQC.

No 2: Laminated Tote bag.

This bag is made from our new released laminated fabrics. Newest released Naomi fabrics were laminated! Now it is perfect for tote bags, raincoat and other bags which require a bit of duration and strength.

If you want to know more detail, please see here.

The fabric is available for 50x 110cm strip, which is big enough to make this bag. Free patterns for this bag will be given away to everyone who purchased this strip.

No3 : Liberty beads bag (green)

This is our newest design of Liberty Beads Bags.
Now the handles are black. It will give you some new impression of this bag.

By the way, the silver beaded handles will be no longer available.
We still have some stocks of Liberty beads bags (silver) but once the kits sell out, we will have no more silver beaded handles and therefore no more silver Liberty beads bags.

No4, Tatami-heri bags

Tatami-heri is the strong long cloths used to form the edge of Tatami mattress (woven grass mattress in Japan).

This bag is made from this strong cloths. Just sew the strips down using sewing machine and you can make this durable, light and beautiful bags within a couple of hours!!!

Tatami-heri cloth is available at our Mariko's webshop and our stand (129) at AQC.


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Save Fukushima: Mariko will donate to the earthquake victims in Japan

Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for sending us many heartful letters to us with regards to the recent terrible earthquake happened in north Japan.

The whole earthquake things have been quite shocking to us. We realised that now it is time for all Japanese citizens to stand up and corporate each other to get through this hardship.

As our main shop of Mariko is located in south Japan (Kumamoto), it was not physically damaged by earthquake. However, the earthquake has been giving some negative impact on Japanese economy and tradings. Some of the antique fabrics we are selling might be difficult to stock in future.

Earthquakes are still having enormous impact on peoples' life in North Japan. We have been thinking of the victims and we would like to contribute to the community up there, wishing to help them to rebuild their life as soon as possible.

Patchwork Mariko decided to donate 5% of sales of AQC to the recent earthquake victims in north Japan through Japanese Red Cross.

Please come and visit our stand at AQC and we could pray for Japan together.

Thank you.

Patchwork Mariko Japan

Laminated Naomi Fabrics: Rare!

Just another addition to Mariko's unique products: Laminated Naomi Fabrics!!

We put special laminating coating to our top quality Naomi fabrics.
You can enjoy making tote bags out of this laminated fabrics as it becomes strong and be able to carry a lot. They are also suitable for raincoat and other bags.

You could see how beautiful that is when laminated coating was done on top of beautiful Japanese Kimono patterns.

The fabric (50x 110cm) will be available at AQC. A free pattern of Japanese tote bag (new release) will be given away for anyone who purchases Laminated Naomi fabrics.

Be quick to avoid the disappointment.

Now you can see a bit of reflections on the photos above.

And the tote bag below was made from the laminated fabrics.

We have a limited number of this laminated fabrics. Be quick to Mariko's stand 129 at

To see more new fabrics available at AQC, click here!


New Fabrics: Quilt gate available for AQC 2011

More new fabrics will be available at AQC.
If you want to see the whole range of our new released fabrics, please see here.

Come to stand 129 early to avoid the disappointment.
Fat 1/4 and mini cut package (33x 36cm: 7 strips in one package) will be available.

Some of them are beautiful and rare.

If you want to see our new released fabrics, please see here.

Also check Mariko's webshop for more updates.

More new fabrics: Japanese Geisha Panels

We have more fabrics available at Australasian Quilt Convention
To see the whole new released fabrics coming soon, please see here.

Japanese Geisha panels

These geisha panels are about 100cm-120cm cut.
Be quick to Mariko's stand (129) at AQC as these are limited products.

If you want to see our other fabrics:
Naomi Yuwa newest releases
Quilt gate

New fabrics for 2011 are coming soon. All from JAPAN

New fabrics all the way from Japan will soon be available at Australasian Quilt Convention.

First we proudly introduce Naomi Collection's newest designs.
These fabrics will be available at our stand 129 at AQC.
They will be available from Mariko's webshop after AQC

The laminated fabrics for these prints are available as well.
You can make a tote bag from the laminated ones. Have a look at here.

To see more fabrics available for 2011: here.