Sunday, 10 April 2011

New bags: Mariko's new released bags: available at AQC!!

We all love something new, don't we?? Are you ready for our brand new bags coming along???

Kits and patterns for these bags will be available at AQC for the first time.
These will be available at Mariko's online shop after AQC.

No 1: Agari bag!!

"Agari" means "ascending" as in "ascending stairs".
Because this bag composes a lot of diagonal sewn strips, forming "ascending stairs"

You can make this bag from our antique silk pack.
We will have more colours to choose at AQC. Be quick though as these are limited resources.
Plus, it is very difficult to find pure antique Kimono silks in Japan!

Patterns and kits will be available at stand 129 at AQC.

No 2: Laminated Tote bag.

This bag is made from our new released laminated fabrics. Newest released Naomi fabrics were laminated! Now it is perfect for tote bags, raincoat and other bags which require a bit of duration and strength.

If you want to know more detail, please see here.

The fabric is available for 50x 110cm strip, which is big enough to make this bag. Free patterns for this bag will be given away to everyone who purchased this strip.

No3 : Liberty beads bag (green)

This is our newest design of Liberty Beads Bags.
Now the handles are black. It will give you some new impression of this bag.

By the way, the silver beaded handles will be no longer available.
We still have some stocks of Liberty beads bags (silver) but once the kits sell out, we will have no more silver beaded handles and therefore no more silver Liberty beads bags.

No4, Tatami-heri bags

Tatami-heri is the strong long cloths used to form the edge of Tatami mattress (woven grass mattress in Japan).

This bag is made from this strong cloths. Just sew the strips down using sewing machine and you can make this durable, light and beautiful bags within a couple of hours!!!

Tatami-heri cloth is available at our Mariko's webshop and our stand (129) at AQC.


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