Saturday, 9 April 2011

Laminated Naomi Fabrics: Rare!

Just another addition to Mariko's unique products: Laminated Naomi Fabrics!!

We put special laminating coating to our top quality Naomi fabrics.
You can enjoy making tote bags out of this laminated fabrics as it becomes strong and be able to carry a lot. They are also suitable for raincoat and other bags.

You could see how beautiful that is when laminated coating was done on top of beautiful Japanese Kimono patterns.

The fabric (50x 110cm) will be available at AQC. A free pattern of Japanese tote bag (new release) will be given away for anyone who purchases Laminated Naomi fabrics.

Be quick to avoid the disappointment.

Now you can see a bit of reflections on the photos above.

And the tote bag below was made from the laminated fabrics.

We have a limited number of this laminated fabrics. Be quick to Mariko's stand 129 at

To see more new fabrics available at AQC, click here!


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