Sunday, 19 July 2009


My name is Mariko Ikeda. I have been running Patchwork Studio Mariko for 20 years in Kumamoto, Japan.. I assume that most of people have not heard of the name of the city.. My shop is located in down the south in Japan..

I have been visiting to Melbourne, Australia since 2004 annually. I have been exhibiting at Australisian Quilt Convention (AQC) every year since 2004.

I have met lovely people in Melbourne and kept creating great connection with people out there.
Melbourne is the one of the most greatest places that I have visited so far..

I wish to re-connect with the people I met again although I am physically very far from Australia.. I will upload a lot of my quilt works as well. Stay tuned.

Mariko Ikeda
Patchwork Studio Mariko Japan