Sunday, 27 February 2011

Website renewal sales: Start today (28th of Feb)

Patchwork Mariko has been working out for a while to renew our webshop.

Now we are pretty sure our site has got a little bit better structures and customer friendly..

What do you think? tell us what you think.

What we have been trying to achieve here is to make our communication more smooth.
We would love to tell everyone what we are doing and etc.

I am so relieved after working hours in my office, in front of computer.
Enough of computer work..

Now, we have a sale again. This time, fabrics, patterns and some tools are on discount.
Please see the list of the products for discount.

Do you think the banner for the sales in our website is too big?
Well I thought no one could miss this amazing opportunity.

Have a lovely week.

Happy Quilting

Events: AQC2010!!!

AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) 2010 was held on April in Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

We have been exhibiting this event since 2007. This event has been well recognised as the biggest quilting event in Australia.

Especially we are specialising in Patchwork, Mariko has been always excited about this particular show.

We decided to do our workshop at AQC starting from this year.
That workshop aims for everyone to finish a small project then they can take their work home.

That was what we made for the show.. Quilted Kimono Wallet
The workshop was filled very quickly.... Thanks to all who made it to our workshop. We also enjoyed ourselves and it was good to see everyone was happy about what they made.

Also AQC has great quilting exhibition. There were a number of amazing piece of patchwork exhibited. Pity that we could not take any photos but Mariko has got some inspiration from that for sure.

Mariko was happy meeting all new people at the show, and of course seeing those who visited our stands over last years.. Thank you all and see you in April 2011.

For information for AQC2011, click here.

Happy quilting

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

More magazines from Japan: Tokyo International Quilt Festival Competition

Hi there,

We found another interesting book for all quilters today..

This book was specially published to introduce quilt competition at Tokyo International Quilt Festival in 2003.

A number of great piece of patchwork could be found in this book. Not only the Japanese theme quilts but also a number of different quilting styles could be seen in Japan. Great book to know what Japanese quilters were getting into back then.

This book is also available at Patchwork Mariko Japan.

Be quick because only one left.

Happy quilting

Thursday, 17 February 2011

New Books from Japan

Please have a look at the books we found in Japan this time.

The topic was "Japanese quilt for New Years time."
It was perfect theme for us. We decided to take it to Australia.

You can purchase this book in Mariko's shop. Only one left so be quick.

Here is another page in this book.. showing traditional Japanese new years.

Some of these books will be available in AQC!!

Keep quilting

Tokyo dorm fes. 2011

Here are some photos from Tokyo International Quilt Show 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.

It was 6th time since we have been exhibiting at this show. Hopefully our display has been more sophisticated than before.

Again, there were so many great quilting shops exhibiting. I have been also busy looking around other shops too.
This year, we made a Big Kimono Tapestry for display. It was 20pieces of pieced Kimono assembled.

The pattern of this tapestry will be available at AQC2011. Stay tuned.

Look at how big Tokyo Dome is..... If you are crazy about quilting and have not been to Tokyo, you should make it to next year.

Please do not drop by our little stand and say hi to us too!!

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The photos from Tokyo International Quilt Festivals from 2010.

Just we thought that we could share some photos of Mariko's stand at Tokyo International Quilt festival in 2010 at Tokyo Dome!

Kimono tapestry and Origami Kimono have been very popular in Japan, too.

Patchwork Mariko in Japan sells more European fabrics, such as Liberty prints and Kafe fasset.

The Liberty tapestry on the wall was also made from a lot of Liberty Tana Lawns..

This conventions run for 9 days. The number of audience hits over 30,000 each day!!
Because this is quilt convention, most of the stands are trading quilting materials, fabrics and craft supplies.

What everyone has been into in Japan (actually quite a while) is Hawaiian quilt. This is a simple applique for a special symmetric design, which could remind us of flowers and trees.

Here is the example of Hawaian quilt.

This festival always give us a good inspiration and makes us creative!
Mariko is very excited to make new quilting bags for AQC in Australia.

Keep quilting