Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Sales Continues: See our rare one-off products!

Christmas Sale! up to 40% off Start from 4th of December
Christmas Sales finishes on the 18th of December. This Sunday!!
  1. 10-40% discounts for all products, popular and one-off products.
  2. Free postage plus complimentary Quilt gate 1/4 fabric if you purchase $120 or more. 

What is One-off products?

As we visit to Japan twice a year and purchase all products wholesale. Some products are not for re-stocking and only one available.
Some of our authentic Japanese textiles, nifty craft tools are no longer available as our manufactures keep moving on something new.

As we sold many of those one-off products during this Christmas sale, we are letting you know which of those products are almost sold out, permanently.
If you are interested to own them now, this is your last chance, seriously.

Cha-pin cushions kits and saucers: Limited numbers available and order here now. Cups and saucers only are also available here.
It is getting difficult to purchase them as this product was released as a seasonal release in Japan.

Naomi Fabrics have been one of our signature fabrics for long time. As our manufactures stopped producing new models we have only limited numbers available for those fabrics.
Secure yours now here.

Our fabric packs are great deal. Each pack is so unique and some of our vintage silks are definetely one-off!
Secure yours now here.

Handles: The handles we deal are very rare. Some of them are very hard to restock.
Secure yours here.

Our made-up products are made by our quilt artist Mariko Ikeda.
Those beautiful works are also available for discounted price. Get them here.

Top three Popular products: Not so many left! This is your last chance!

 Top 1: No explanation needed. Still few kits and clasps available. Get those now.

Top 2: Packen Kimono Wallet: Kit and nifty spring clips. Secure your last minutes clips here.

Top 3: Macaroon kits and materials: Available here.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Patchwork Mariko Christmas Sale! Up to 40% off (all products at least 10% off)

Dear all quilt and textile lovers,

We had a great year in 2012.

We decided to do annual Christmas sale again to show how much we appreciate your support throughout this year because We would not have had such a successful year without you.

This is your last chance to purchase our products with our current price as we will have to raise at least 10% of our current price as we will start charging GST from 2013. We have to make this decision as our business grows and our running cost especially importing products from Japan has become very high recently. Thank you for your understanding.

In 2012, our Christmas sale will offer you
  1. At least 10% discount for all the products.
  2. Up to 40% discount for some products.
  3. Free postage plus complimentary Quilt gate 1/4 fabric if you purchase $120 or more. 
Below are some highlights of 2012. First come, best served.

Hime (princess) Wallet kits and Magnetic closures: those were sold out recently again and this is the last time of re-stock before 2013. Secure yours here now.

 A few colourful tassels are still available. First come, best served. Secure your favourite colours here.

Cha-pin cushions kits: This is super easy pin cushions with special wooden cups and saucers.  Limited numbers available and order here now. Cups and saucers only are also available here.

Macaroon kits and the materials: Order yours here now.  Also, click the images above to purchase.

Spring clips small (4cm): perfect for sun-glass case. 

All patterns are 40% off!! 

Kake Herita pouch kit : 35% off !!

Mini ami tape (for weaving): 2cm width 16m length. Perfect for our Mini Ami bag. 25% off. 

Herita tools & do (rolls and instruction together): 20% off

More to come. All the discounted price are found on our website. Check now.