Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Tokyo International Quilt Festivals: all systems go

This year, we are happy to take our great opportunity to exhibit at Tokyo International Quilt festivals again at Tokyo Dome, in Tokyo, starting on the 24th of January.

This show is mainly for Patchwork Quilt Studio Mariko, which is based in Kumamoto Japan. This shop was launched by our quilt artist Mariko Ikeda abuout 25 years ago. As her business is mainly for Japanese market, we are going to have a bit different products, mainly catering for quilters in Japan. However, the new products for Australian market for 2013 will be mainly inspired by our products in Japan. This time we have a bit of sneak peak and we just look forward to hearing from you about how you are going to like these new products.

New designed Shikaku bags: This bag sits still on the desk.

Our new Origami shirts are just cute and enough to put something flat inside (like a mini size tissue pack).

 It might be hard to see it (click the photo for the large image). New design for Macaroon cases and Japanese stamp cases (although no one uses stamp as such in non-Japanese culture).

If you want any of those in photos, we are happy to send those from Japan (postage will be cheap, pretty much the same as domestic postage).

If you want to see any of those in Australia in 2013, please let us know. Your opinion will count!

Show off your amazing Mariko products and win 10% discount voucher.

Since we launched Patchwork Mariko Japan, we have so many customers in our craftshows and website. We don't know how many people bought our kits and patterns. Some of our customers re-visited our stand and showed us their amazing work. Some of them are very innovative and added great value on our idea! That is one of the amazing things that we see for our business and we want to share your idea to others too.

We decided to run a competition and giving you an opportunity to show your great Mariko products to share.

"Show-off your amazing Mariko products competition"

You will get a chance to win 10% discount voucher redeemable at Patchwork Mariko webshop!!

We choose a winner each week and post the image of the product to website.

Conditions to entry are as follows:

1. Make products using Patchwork Mariko's kits or patterns.
2. Give us a permission to post your work to our blog and newsletter (we don't need to post your name, just initial will be great. If you want us to post your name, we would love to do it too).
3. You can enter as many as possible.
4. Winner will be chosen once a week (Tuesday).
5. All entry will win the 10% discount voucher if you enter your work before 31st of January!! Enter now and get this special value.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Amazing International Festival

Happy new year 2013!!

We are recharged over New Year and yes we have a lot of great inspiration when it comes to new amazing new products for 2013!

To start with we are going to exhibit Tokyo International Festival in Japan, starting from next week. Our webshop is still open during this period and therefore don't worry and you could place an order any time you want!

Our artist Mariko is very excited about this festival because this is one of the largest shows in Northern Hemisphere. It goes 7 days and 30,000 visitors actually come over to the site..

Have a look at what we bring from Australia.

Isn't that lovely? How nice they look using some Aboriginal prints.
In Japan, we have a slightly different theme.. Japanese people are keen on quality Australian Aboriginal prints.

Please come to see us if you are in Japan around that time!!

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

24 -30 Jan 2013 at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan

Happy quilting

Mariko. Kumamoto, Japan