Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Amazing International Festival

Happy new year 2013!!

We are recharged over New Year and yes we have a lot of great inspiration when it comes to new amazing new products for 2013!

To start with we are going to exhibit Tokyo International Festival in Japan, starting from next week. Our webshop is still open during this period and therefore don't worry and you could place an order any time you want!

Our artist Mariko is very excited about this festival because this is one of the largest shows in Northern Hemisphere. It goes 7 days and 30,000 visitors actually come over to the site..

Have a look at what we bring from Australia.

Isn't that lovely? How nice they look using some Aboriginal prints.
In Japan, we have a slightly different theme.. Japanese people are keen on quality Australian Aboriginal prints.

Please come to see us if you are in Japan around that time!!

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival

24 -30 Jan 2013 at Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan

Happy quilting

Mariko. Kumamoto, Japan

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