Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Magic Materials: Herita Kawa Bag

Kawa Herita Bag: be creative with minimum effort!!

This new design gives you more room for creativity compared to Taki bag (vertical one)

Since Herita strips are sewn holizontally, you can play with the seams more freely. Now there is a lot more room for your creativity when you design your bag. Play with your seams and just finger pressing the seams will create a unique form!!

Can you see some parts of the seams were finger-pressed open but the other parts are just pressed to one direction (or the other). For example, have a look on the 2nd image above, counting the seam third from the top. One third of seam from the left was opened but the rest of the seam (right part) was closed. Like this, you can create your own artistic design with just minimum effort!

Have you made this magical Herita bags yet? Once you made one, surely you will want to make another one because it is easy to make and takes only one whole day to make this bag.

All you have to do is just sew the strips down and finger press the seams open. You won't need to finish the seams because the strip is already edged! Experience this magic because this materials are different from others!

Rolls (with instruction) and kits are available here. 

Trust me, it is easy to make!


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