Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Participate in our demo workshop: Hime wallet: Free at 29th of March

Hope you are well.

We just came back from Japan, bringing a lot of goodies back to Australia.
We are so prepared for upcoming events (click here to see the event).

Mariko exhibits at AQC (Australasian Quilt Convention) starting from 12th of April.

Have you checked our new workshop for this year??

Hime wallet (you can purchase this fabulous wallet from here).

As we are going to have our first workshop for this project, we are going to run a demo workshop where you can join and give us some constructive feedback. In that case, we can have even better quality of our workshop at quilting fares in 2012!!

The demo workshop will be held at our place in Fitzroy, Victoria, on the 29th of March (1-3pm).

The participation fee (including the kit cost): Free:
please give us constructive feedback, in terms of appropriate wording, process of making the wallet. That will be your commitment but you can make your wallet and take it home! Isn't that great?

Please contact us if would like to participate. We will take only a limited numbers of participants. Be quick and we would appreciate your contribution.

Happy quilting

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