Saturday, 1 October 2011

Get a free ticket for Craft and Quilt Fair Brisbane!

Brisbane Craft and Quilt fair is coming up very soon.

We are giving away a couple of tickets for the show.
If you are thinking of coming to visit Mariko's stand at this show, do not miss out this chance.

Entry method :Please answer all the following questions.

  1. Subscribe our mailing list from here. Please let us know that you would like a ticket so that we know whether you could make it to our stand.
  2. Tell us what is your favorite Mariko product from our website. This question is mandatory.
  3. Tell us what we can do better from our service. This question is mandatory.
  4. Tell us what kind product you would like us to sell in future. This question is mandatory.
  5. If you are already subscribing our mailing list and you would like a free ticket, please drop a line from here.
  6. The winners will be chosen randomly. We have only a limited number of tickets available.
  7. If you win the ticket, please come and visit our stand at our show! We would love to know your happy face, of course.
  8. The entry finishes 11th October, 23:59.
Please entry now!

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