Sunday, 27 February 2011

Website renewal sales: Start today (28th of Feb)

Patchwork Mariko has been working out for a while to renew our webshop.

Now we are pretty sure our site has got a little bit better structures and customer friendly..

What do you think? tell us what you think.

What we have been trying to achieve here is to make our communication more smooth.
We would love to tell everyone what we are doing and etc.

I am so relieved after working hours in my office, in front of computer.
Enough of computer work..

Now, we have a sale again. This time, fabrics, patterns and some tools are on discount.
Please see the list of the products for discount.

Do you think the banner for the sales in our website is too big?
Well I thought no one could miss this amazing opportunity.

Have a lovely week.

Happy Quilting

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